Thank you all for making the 2020 SMB Online Conference such a success!

Success is a Habit

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! What a jam-packed FAN-TASTIC two days of speakers and presentations!!!!!!! While I was unable to attend all of the presentations, because of prior commitments, I will catch up on them all on the recordings. Manny is as smart and as brilliant as you are—your parents must have fed you guys on a steady diet of Wheaties--impressive! All of the presenters were exceptional—impactful and some, life-changing—really! I look forward to reading your book below and will further donate to this worthy cause. You knocked it out of the park in putting together this stellar lineup of speakers: KUDOS!
Ross Dahman
This was the best conference I've attended in a long time. I attended more sessions at this one than any in recent memory.
Amy Babinchak Headshot
Amy Babinchak
Third Tier
A great breadth of information presented. It wasn't just a technical conference, but a great mix of information applicable for tech business owners.
James Golden

Conference Coverage by Rich Freeman, Channel Pro Network

5 Smart Ideas for Thriving in Trying Times from the SMB Online Conference

Managed services expert Karl Palachuk held his latest virtual conference last week. Here are five ideas from him and his guest speakers on how to grow your business during one of the worst economic crises in history.
Great conference! I found the topics to be relevant and useful, the speakers were very knowledgeable, and the conference as a whole was an excellent investment.
Thanks for putting on another round of good content and keeping the focus on US business owners. Much appreciated!
Mark Hicks
This conference was just what I needed to snap out of the Coronavirus funk and the defensive mentality that I was in. It was what I needed to refocus on what was next and to move my business forward in these challenging times.
Douglass Caggiano
...Overall, I've not found an online conference that drew and retained my focus like this one in a very long time, if ever. Except for that Liberman guy.
Joshua Liberman Nsi Shirt Fixed Tiny
Joshua Liberman
Net Sciences, Inc.
I was so pleased to hear Josh Liberman's thoughts on why he sticks with device pricing. I do the same for similar reasons. His session was the highlight for me.
David Streit
Stephill Associates, LLC

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Success is a Habit

SMB Online Conference

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