MSP Contracts Don’t Have to Kill Profitability

We all know that you need a great service agreement based on the best practices of this industry. How do you create a contract that protects you interests without killing your profits? Join Anne Hall for a discussion on creating a service agreement that will set you up for success and position you for growth.

How to Cultivate the Self-Managing Employee

While nothing happens by itself, you don’t have to burn yourself out managing every detail. In this session, I’ll share my key phrases that once embedded into the culture of the company guide employees to making the right decisions every time.

The Magic of Security

Paul Draper shares the presentation he has made to the FBI, CIA, and some of the largest security vendors in the world. Tune in for a dramatic and entertaining example of how the smartest people can fall victim to phishing and other cyber attacks.

Nothing Happens by Itself

Karl explains both the theme of this conference and the motto that guides both his personal and professional lives. While the theme, “Nothing Happens by Itself” can describe many aspects of your business, Karl shows how you can apply this simple phrase in every piece of your business.


Settle into the day as Karl opens the conference with introductory notes, what to expect out of the upcoming sessions, and more.