Make the move now to protect your customer’s data.

Grow your MSP business by offering the most secure backup solution as a service that hunts down ransomware.

Asigra Tigris takes a security-first approach to backing up and protecting business data. It combines data backup and recovery with a six-point security model that proactively hunts down modern ransomware threats and protects against internal attacks or user error.

Asigra Deep Six Security

How it Works

Unlike competing Air-gapped and Immutable-based solutions, Asigra Tigris isolates malware and ransomware threats even if they manage to make it into your backup repositories.

Tigris utilizes a bidirectional anti-malware scanning data collector module to catch malicious code residing in your data during both the backup and restore phases. This step is critical in stopping sleeper attacks from reinfecting your production systems and creating an endless Attack-Loop cycle that prevents a clean recovery.

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) scanning seeks out threats that are deeply embedded within multi-layered files and undetectable by most antimalware scanners. Files are deconstructed into their individual components, scanned for threats, and then actioned according to predefined policies.

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Defend Against Internal Threats

Cybercriminals target user credentials. They can gain access to the backup system with stolen passwords and try to delete data sets or change retention periods. After backups are wiped clean, a ransomware attack will start encrypting the live network, leaving you unable to perform data recovery.

MFA (Multifactor Authentication) and MPA (Multiperson Approval) thwart unauthorized actions by first using One-time Password authorization and then requiring additional administrators to approve potentially destructive actions by another user. If one or more users decline the request, destructive actions cannot proceed, giving you time to lock down the credentials breach and prevent further attacks.

Why Partner with Asigra?

If your current backup and recovery solution relies on Air-gapping or Immutability for security, your customer’s data is still at risk from modern ransomware and other cyber attacks.

Asigra’s Six-Point Security model proactively hunts down threats that conventional solutions can’t, giving your customers an added level of protection against sleeper threats and endless Attack Loops. No other backup and recovery solution in the market today tackles security threats to data as Tigris does.

Only Asigra Tigris delivers a proactive approach to backup security that other solutions cannot match. Combine Tigris with other value-add services and create new, differentiated revenue streams that set you apart from your competition.

  • Create new, sticky services that improve customer loyalty, satisfaction, and profitability
  • Build your portfolio of offerings and take advantage of new market opportunities like SaaS data backup for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace.

Our solution is offered by MSP partners globally, and we don’t sell directly to end customers. We provide training and technical support as well as marketing and sales tools to help you grow your business.

As a Managed Services Provider, your customers rely on you to keep their businesses running 24x7x365. What could be more critical to a business’s success than protecting its most important asset: Its data?

Adding Asigra Tigris to your portfolio of services creates a compelling pathway for addressing business continuity and industry compliance standards like GDPR, SOX, and HIPPA that your customers require. 

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